2013, Mathew formed an all original line-up, titled Circle65. This band came out in a powerful way, only doing top support for acts like Bret Michaels and doing their own headliners. Circle65 has yet to be identified as sounding like someone else. The writing is cutting edge, the artistic style is hot off the press and the vibe has you begging for more. Only wanting stellar musicians, Mathew had a complete lineup, until musical differences with singer and drummer, who were replaced almost immediately by a back up drummer and a lead front man from Trans-Siberian Orchestra . Since the beginning of this bands existence the expectations far succeed that of a local band. “The goal was to work in the studio recording, bypass the local scene and bring Circle65 to the center of the music business, stopping at nothing,” states Klein.

Band Members

Title Description
Erick Mastre Lead Vocals - Erick joined the band about 6 months after the boys musically wrote 5 songs. Erick brought an amazing element to each song, putting this band on the top quickly in their local area... View Profile
Mathew Klein Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals - Mathew formed this band with the help of his long time friend, Michael Perucci (Trixx). Trixx helped Mathew who wrote the majority of the songs, but Mathew feels that even though he wrote the songs that Michael is the reason they finished out the way they did. Then bringing Duane and then Adam in was what Mathew thought was all that was needed. But he was wrong. Bringing in Vincent after Michael left the band was probably the best direction to go in. Just when they thought the song could not sound any bigger. Vincent's skill on the keys brought these songs to an entirely new level.... View Profile
Duane Lozada Bass and Backing Vocals - Known from the band, "Trash Can Baby", and tech for Mark Mendoza of Twisted Sister. Duane brought his amazing chops on the 4 sometimes 5 strings instrument, with his influences such as the Beatles and Rod Stewart, bringing it to this rock band to help complete their sound... View Profile
Vincent Fontinetta Keys, Rhythm Guitar and backing Vocals - This incredibly talented individual took on the task of keys and rhythm guitar where sometimes pulling off both at the same time. Vincent was the final piece to help this band take off... View Profile
Adam Dunn Drums - Adam was such an amazing drummer who helped complete the perfect rhythm section and incredible time keeper. Unfortunately Adam passed away a couple of years ago and he will forever be missed... View Profile
Trixx (Michael Perucci) Lead and Rhythm - Known for his band, "Strike Twice", These two friends go back to the late 80s and then their formation of the band, "RockHard", the rock-comedy. A few months in he bowed out Trixx was shortly replaced by Vincent... View Profile

From left to right

Duane, Mathew, Adam and Michael

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