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In 2009, Mathew innovated the ever so charismatic “80’s Heavy Metal Comedy Act, “ROCKHARD” Mathew greets his audience as “Gypse Black” and takes the stage as his own character giving fans what they long to listen to.

If you like 80s glam metal, Big Hair and Spandex. Where the chicks that come to see the band are really hot, but the guys in the band are even hotter. Where they love muscle cars and we don't mean the fast and the furious low riding hondas. Where these muscle cars are really fast and some of the really hot chicks are even faster then the really fast cars. Where your four basic foods are Drugs, lots of Sex, Alcohol and Drugs. Then this is the band for you...

RockHard is your time machine to th 80s glam metal, when life was nothing but a good time and not a care in the world. Is this a band with a commical twist? Just the spandex a lone and lip gloss is funny, but yet, the way they beat up on eachother and their stage antics along with the banter from the crowd. These four quick witted, well 3 quick witted guys. The Bass Player, "NOT SO SMART", but he drinks his alcohol and uses that an an excuse on why he sucks as a bass player. But honestly, most people don't pay attention to it because he looks so damn good.