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January 2020.. Mathew is looking to play with you. Mathew is a hired gun who gives the bands what they are looking for which is, chops, tone and the looks. He will also give the crowd a performance and a connection that the crowd loves when they see a band.

November of 2017, Mathew was in a unfortunate automobile accident, He was rear ended by a Mack Truck and this had put Mathew out of commission since then. After hard work and physical therapy, Mathew is looking to get back out there and do what he loves the most. Entertaing the people. September 2019 Mathew is now in discussions with a few new projects which will be named in time.

Mathew thanks all the people that have supported him through the years especially in his time of need for him to now pick up the Les Paul, strap it around his neck and get back out there.

In the words directly from Mathew, "See You Real Soon".

Below is Mathews version of the legendary song, Purple Rain. Its 75% instrumental. Please enjoy and all other videos. If you scroll down there is some audio of Mathews old band Circle65.

Thank you


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Mathew at the age of 20

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